Teams app tutorials and related code samples


We've introduced the Teams Toolkit v5 extension within Visual Studio Code. This version comes to you with many new app development features. We recommend that you use Teams Toolkit v5 for building your Teams app.

Teams Toolkit v4extension will soon be deprecated.

You can build your own Teams app with different capabilities using the step-by-step guide or tutorial and code samples.

Teams app tutorials

Now, let's build your first Teams app. You can use the following language (or framework) and prepare your development environment to build your app.

  Tab Bot Message extension
Basic app Build your first tab app using JavaScript
Build your first app with SPFx
Build your first bot app using JavaScript Build your first message extension app using JavaScript
Scenario-based app NA Build notification bot with JavaScript
Build command bot with JavaScript
Create Teams workflow bot

Code samples

Code samples are designed to help understand and build your own Microsoft Teams app with different capabilities and scenarios. To learn more about list of code samples, see Microsoft Teams samples.