Self-help diagnostics for Microsoft Teams administrators


As Microsoft Teams usage grows, Microsoft has developed Teams-specific diagnostic scenarios that cover top support topics and the most common tasks for which administrators request configuration help. It is important to note that while these diagnostics cannot make changes to your tenant, they do provide insight into known issues and the instructions that you’ll need to fix the issues quickly.


This feature isn't available for Microsoft 365 Government, Microsoft 365 operated by 21Vianet, or Microsoft 365 Germany.

More information

While you’re logged in as an administrator, visit your Microsoft 365 admin center. In the navigation pane, select Show all > Support > New service request. After you briefly describe your issue (for example, “I can't invite a guest to Teams”), the system determines whether a diagnostic scenario matches your issue.


As you type search terms, a type-ahead query assists you to find the topics that you’re searching for.

Screenshot that shows the Teams diagnostic query screen.

Enter your organization’s root URL. In the Guest Access diagnostic, select the drop-down arrow, select a pre-populated URL from your tenant, and then select Run tests.

After the diagnostic checks finish and the configuration issue is found, the system provides the steps to resolve the issue. In this example, the Tenant Admin had not turned on Guest Access:

Screenshot that shows the example diagnostics response screen.


If a diagnostic detects an issue, and you've implemented a fix based on the results, consider rerunning the diagnostic to ensure the issue is completely resolved.

When IT admins run customer diagnostics in the Microsoft 365 admin center to resolve issues without logging support requests, Microsoft will make donations to global nonprofit organizations.

For more information, see Diagnostics for Social Good.

What scenarios are currently covered?


You must be an M365 Administrator to run diagnostics.

The following diagnostics are currently available with brief scenario descriptions and shortcut commands:

Category Diagnostic Description Shortcut Link Support Article
Authentication Teams Sign-in Validates that a user can sign in to the Teams app. Run Tests: Teams Sign-In Resolve sign-in errors in Teams
Authentication Teams Federation Validates that the Teams user can communicate with a federated Teams user. Run Tests: Teams Federation Manage external access (federation)
Authentication Unable to Invite Guest Users to Teams Validates that a specific guest can sign into Teams. Run Tests: Teams Guest Access Guest access in Microsoft Teams
Files Teams Files Guest Access Validates that guest users can be added to Teams and the Team is shared with the user. Run Tests: Teams Files Guest Access Guests can't access Files tab for shared files in Teams
Files Unable to upload files to Teams chat Validates if the specified user can upload files in Teams chat. Run Tests: Unable to upload files to Teams chat Error when uploading files to a Teams chat
Files Unable to access files shared in Teams chat Validated that a specified user being unable to access files shared by another user in chats. Run Tests: Unable to access files shared in Teams chat Error (You don't have access to this file) when opening a file in Teams
Files Unable to access files in a team Validates that a specified user has access to files in the Team. Run Tests: Unable to access files in a team Can't access the Files tab on a Teams channel
Files We Can't Get Your Files Validates that a Team is provisioned and accessible by the specified user. Run Tests: Teams Files Error
Meetings Teams Calendar App Validates that the pre-requisites are properly configured for the Microsoft Teams calendar app to function. Run Tests: Teams Calendar App
Meetings Meeting Recording Missing Attempts to locate a missing Teams Meeting Recording Run Tests: Missing Recording Teams cloud meeting recording
Meetings 1:1 Call Recording Checks a user's policy for 1:1 Call Recording capability Run Tests: Teams 1:1 Call Recording
Meetings Teams Add-in is Missing in Outlook Validates that a user has the correct policies to enable the Teams Outlook add-in. Run Tests: Teams Add-in Missing in Outlook
Meetings Teams Live Events Validates that a user is able to schedule Teams live events. Run Tests: Teams Live Events
Meetings Teams Meeting Recordings Validates that the user is properly configured to record a meeting in Teams. Run Tests: Meeting Recording Teams cloud meeting recording
Presence Teams presence Validates that a user's Teams presence can be correctly displayed. Run Tests: Teams presence Your actual presence status isn't displayed in Teams
Voice Teams Direct Routing Validates that a user is correctly configured for direct routing. Run Tests: Teams Direct Routing Monitor and troubleshoot Direct Routing
Voice Teams Call Queue Validates that a call queue is able to receive calls. Run Tests: Teams Call Queue Create a call queue in Microsoft Teams
Voice Teams Dial Pad is Missing Validates that the dial pad is visible within Teams. Run Tests: Teams Dial Pad Missing Dial pad in missing in Teams
Voice Unable to Make Domestic or International PSTN calls in Teams Validates that a user has the ability to make or receive domestic or international PSTN calls. Run Tests: Teams PSTN
Voice Unable to Join or Create a Teams Conference Call Validates that a user has the ability to create or join a PSTN conference call. Run Tests: Teams Conference
Voice Teams Auto-Attendant Validates that an auto attendant is able to receive calls. Run Tests: Teams Auto Attendant Set up an auto attendant for Microsoft Teams
Voice Teams Voicemail Validates that a user is properly configured to use Voicemail in Teams. Run Tests: Voicemail
Voice Teams Call Forwarding Validates that a user is properly configured to forward calls to a specified number. Run Tests: Teams Call Forwarding

More diagnostics will be added at a future date.

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