2.2.11 WBEMSTATUS Enumeration

The WBEMSTATUS enumeration gives information about the status of an operation. If the server encounters an error condition for which this protocol does not explicitly state an error value, the server can return any HRESULT to indicate failure by setting the Severity (S bit) of the HRESULT, as defined in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.

The statuses of operations that are not explicitly called out in this document but are part of the associated IDL are deemed to be local-only and are implementation-specific.

 typedef [v1_enum] enum tag_WBEMSTATUS
   WBEM_S_NO_ERROR = 0x00,
   WBEM_S_FALSE = 0x01,
   WBEM_S_TIMEDOUT = 0x40004,
   WBEM_S_NEW_STYLE = 0x400FF,
   WBEM_E_FAILED = 0x80041001,
   WBEM_E_NOT_FOUND = 0x80041002,
   WBEM_E_ACCESS_DENIED = 0x80041003,
   WBEM_E_PROVIDER_FAILURE = 0x80041004,
   WBEM_E_TYPE_MISMATCH = 0x80041005,
   WBEM_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY = 0x80041006,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_CONTEXT = 0x80041007,
   WBEM_E_NOT_AVAILABLE = 0x80041009,
   WBEM_E_CRITICAL_ERROR = 0x8004100a,
   WBEM_E_NOT_SUPPORTED = 0x8004100C,
   WBEM_E_PROVIDER_NOT_FOUND = 0x80041011,
   WBEM_E_ALREADY_EXISTS = 0x80041019,
   WBEM_E_UNEXPECTED = 0x8004101d,
   WBEM_E_INCOMPLETE_CLASS = 0x80041020,
   WBEM_E_SHUTTING_DOWN = 0x80041033,
   E_NOTIMPL = 0x80004001,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_OBJECT = 0x8004100F,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS = 0x80041010,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY = 0x80041017,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY_TYPE = 0x80041018,
   WBEM_E_CLASS_HAS_CHILDREN = 0x80041025,
   WBEM_E_ILLEGAL_NULL = 0x80041028,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_CIM_TYPE = 0x8004102D,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_METHOD = 0x8004102E,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_PROPERTY = 0x80041031,
   WBEM_E_CALL_CANCELLED = 0x80041032,
   WBEM_E_OUT_OF_DISK_SPACE = 0x8004103B,
   WBEM_E_QUOTA_VIOLATION = 0x8004106c,
   WBEM_E_SERVER_TOO_BUSY = 0x80041045,
   WBEM_E_METHOD_DISABLED = 0x80041056,
   WBEM_E_UNPARSABLE_QUERY = 0x80041058,
   WBEM_E_NOT_EVENT_CLASS = 0x80041059,
   WBEM_E_QUEUE_OVERFLOW = 0x80041061,
   WBEM_E_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD = 0x80041062,
   WBEM_E_INVALID_OPERATOR = 0x80041063,
   WBEM_E_CANNOT_BE_ABSTRACT = 0x80041065,
   WBEM_E_AMENDED_OBJECT = 0x80041066,
   WBEM_E_VETO_PUT = 0x8004107A,
   WBEM_E_PROVIDER_TIMED_OUT = 0x80041088,
   WBEM_E_NO_KEY = 0x80041089,

WBEM_S_NO_ERROR:  The operation completed successfully.

WBEM_S_FALSE:  Either no more CIM objects are available, the number of returned CIM objects is less than the number requested, or this is the end of an enumeration. This error code is returned from the IEnumWbemClassObject and IWbemWCOSmartEnum interface methods.

WBEM_S_TIMEDOUT:  The attempt to establish the connection has expired.

WBEM_S_NEW_STYLE:  The server supports ObjectArray encoding; see section for details.

WBEM_S_PARTIAL_RESULTS:  The server could not return all the objects and/or properties requested.

WBEM_E_FAILED:  The server has encountered an unknown error while processing the client's request.

WBEM_E_NOT_FOUND:  The object specified in the path does not exist.

WBEM_E_ACCESS_DENIED:  The permission required to perform the operation is not helped by the security principal performing the operation.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_FAILURE:  The server has encountered an unknown error while processing the client's request.

WBEM_E_TYPE_MISMATCH:  The server has found an incorrect data type associated with property or input parameter in client's request.

WBEM_E_OUT_OF_MEMORY:  The server ran out of memory before completing the operation.

WBEM_E_INVALID_CONTEXT:  The IWbemContext object sent as part of client's request does not contain the required properties.

WBEM_E_INVALID_PARAMETER:  One or more of the parameters passed to the method is not valid. Methods return this error in any of the following circumstances: (1) a parameter is NULL where a non-NULL value is required, (2) the flags specified in the lFlags parameter are not allowed in this method.

WBEM_E_NOT_AVAILABLE:  The resource is unavailable.

WBEM_E_CRITICAL_ERROR :  The server has encountered a catastrophic failure and cannot process any client's request.

WBEM_E_NOT_SUPPORTED:  The attempted operation is not supported.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_NOT_FOUND:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_INVALID_PROVIDER_REGISTRATION:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_LOAD_FAILURE:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_INITIALIZATION_FAILURE:  The server has encountered failure during its initialization.

WBEM_E_TRANSPORT_FAILURE:  There is a network problem detected in reaching the server.

WBEM_E_INVALID_OPERATION:  The operation performed is not valid.

WBEM_E_ALREADY_EXISTS:  When a Put method is called for a CIM object with the flag WBEM_FLAG_CREATE_ONLY and the object already exists, WBEM_E_ALREADY_EXISTS is returned.

WBEM_E_UNEXPECTED:  An unspecified error has occurred.

WBEM_E_INCOMPLETE_CLASS:  The object passed doesn't correspond to any of classes registered with WMI.

WBEM_E_SHUTTING_DOWN:  The server cannot process the requested operation as it is shutting down.

E_NOTIMPL:  The attempted operation is not implemented. The value of this element is as specified in [MS-ERREF] section 2.1.

WBEM_E_INVALID_SUPERCLASS:  When putting a class, the server did not find the parent class specified for the new class to be added.

WBEM_E_INVALID_NAMESPACE:  When connecting to WMI, the namespace specified is not found.

WBEM_E_INVALID_OBJECT:  The CIM instance passed to the server doesn't have required information.

WBEM_E_INVALID_CLASS:  The class name is invalid.

WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY:  The query sent to the server doesn't semantically conform to the rules specified in section 2.2.1.

WBEM_E_INVALID_QUERY_TYPE:  The query language specified is invalid.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_NOT_CAPABLE:  The server does not support the requested operation on the given CIM class.

WBEM_E_CLASS_HAS_CHILDREN:  The class cannot be updated because it has derived classes.

WBEM_E_CLASS_HAS_INSTANCES:  The class cannot be updated because it has instances.

WBEM_E_ILLEGAL_NULL:  The server identifies that one of the non-nullable NULL properties was set to NULL in the Put operation.

WBEM_E_INVALID_CIM_TYPE:  The CIM type specified is not valid.

WBEM_E_INVALID_METHOD:  The CIM object does not implement the specified method.

WBEM_E_INVALID_METHOD_PARAMETERS:  One or more of the parameters passed to the CIM method are not valid.

WBEM_E_INVALID_PROPERTY:  The property for which the operation is made is no longer present in the CIM database.

WBEM_E_CALL_CANCELLED:  The server canceled the execution of the request due to resource constraints. The client can try the call again.

WBEM_E_INVALID_OBJECT_PATH:  The object path is not syntactically valid.

WBEM_E_OUT_OF_DISK_SPACE:  Insufficient resources on the server to satisfy the client's request.

WBEM_E_UNSUPPORTED_PUT_EXTENSION:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_QUOTA_VIOLATION:  Quota violation.

WBEM_E_SERVER_TOO_BUSY:  The server cannot complete the operation at this point.

WBEM_E_METHOD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED:  An attempt was made to execute a method not marked with "implemented" in this class or any of its derived classes.

WBEM_E_METHOD_DISABLED:  An attempt was made to execute a method marked with "disabled" qualifier in MOF.

WBEM_E_UNPARSABLE_QUERY:  The query sent to the server doesn't syntactically conform to the rules specified in section 2.2.1.

WBEM_E_NOT_EVENT_CLASS:  The FROM clause of WQL Event Query (section represents a class that is not derived from Event.

WBEM_E_MISSING_GROUP_WITHIN:  The GROUP BY clause of WQL query does not have WITHIN specified.

WBEM_E_MISSING_AGGREGATION_LIST:  The GROUP BY clause was used with aggregation, which is not supported.

WBEM_E_PROPERTY_NOT_AN_OBJECT:  The GROUP BY clause references an object that is an embedded object without using Dot notation.

WBEM_E_AGGREGATING_BY_OBJECT:  The GROUP BY clause references an object that is an embedded object without using Dot notation.

WBEM_E_BACKUP_RESTORE_WINMGMT_RUNNING:  A request for backing up or restoring the CIM database was sent while the server was using it.

WBEM_E_QUEUE_OVERFLOW:  The EventQueue on the server has more events than can be consumed by the client.

WBEM_E_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD:  The server could not find the required privilege for performing operations on CIM classes or CIM instances.

WBEM_E_INVALID_OPERATOR:  An operator in the WQL query is invalid for this property type.

WBEM_E_CANNOT_BE_ABSTRACT:  The CIM class on the server had the abstract qualifier set to true, while its parent class does not have the abstract qualifier set to false.

WBEM_E_AMENDED_OBJECT:  A CIM instance with amended qualifier set to true is being updated without WBEM_FLAG_USE_AMENDED_QUALIFIERS flag.

WBEM_E_VETO_PUT:  The server cannot perform a PUT operation because it is not supported for the given CIM class.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_SUSPENDED:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_ENCRYPTED_CONNECTION_REQUIRED:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.


WBEM_E_NO_KEY:  The IWbemServices::PuInstance or IWbemServices::PutInstanceAsync operation was attempted with no value set for the key properties.

WBEM_E_PROVIDER_DISABLED:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_REGISTRATION_TOO_BROAD:  The server has encountered an implementation-specific error.

WBEM_E_REGISTRATION_TOO_PRECISE:  The WQL query for intrinsic events for a class issued without a WITHIN clause.