Submit an MCI engagements claim

Appropriate roles: Incentives admin | Incentives user

After the engagement is complete, you must submit an engagement claim and be approved to receive payment. This should be done within the claim expiration timeline defined for your engagement.

Screenshot showing summary of workshop claim.

How to submit an engagement claim

  1. Go to the Eligible section of the Customers page or search your Claims page for the customer or engagement.
  2. Select Submit claim under the Action column for that customer claim.
  3. Submit proof of execution documents, as per the rules of the engagement. This includes four items, which can be completed in any order:
    • Invoice – Completed and uploaded to claim by partner
    • Findings & recommendations document or Proof of Execution (POE) document – Completed and uploaded to claim by partner
    • Customer Survey – Triggered by partner, completed by customer
    • Partner Survey – Completed by partner
  4. Your customer will be required to complete a survey. You can send it to them by selecting the Send customer survey link.
    • You can check the status of both partner and customer surveys from this page.
    • You can resend the customer and partner survey emails at any time before the engagement's submittal expiration date.
  5. Update contact information, if needed.
    • If the contact details in the claim are updated before the survey is completed, you'll have to manually trigger the survey again since the previous link will become void.
    • After the customer survey has been completed, you can no longer update the claim’s customer contact details.
  6. Complete the partner survey. You can access the partner survey directly or email it to your company contacts by selecting the Send partner survey link.
    • If you don't access and respond to the partner survey directly through the claim or send the partner survey email using the in-claim link, your partner survey response may not register as completed.
  7. Add any comments for Microsoft to consider as part of the claim.
  8. Submit your claim by selecting Submit at the top or bottom of the claim.
    • If you don't submit the claim, Microsoft won't be able to review it.
    • If you're unable to submit the claim within the expiration timeline specified for your engagement, your claim will expire.
    • If your claim expires, you'll need to create a new claim and restart the process. No reactivation function is available for expired claims.
    • If Microsoft needs more information to complete your review, you'll be notified on the Engagement claim page and via email, and the claim status will change to “Action Required”. If your claim is in “Action Required” state, you must take the following actions for the review process to continue:
      • Open the claim and review claim comments
      • Update your POE documentation as needed to address all issues identified by review team in claim comments
      • Select Submit to return your claim to the review process
  9. After review is complete, Microsoft will communicate the claim approval or rejection decision both on this Engagement claim page and via email.
    • Once your claim is approved, you'll receive payment as per the standard 45 day payment cycle of the MCI program.
    • For information on how to review your MCI earnings and payments for approved claims, see Payouts overview.

Claim expiration timelines

Once the customer provides consent, you must conduct the engagement, upload your POE, submit your claim, and respond to any requests for action on the submitted claim within the timeline defined per the engagement type. If the timelines shown below aren't met, your claim will expire. If your claim expires, you'll need to create a new claim and restart the process. No reactivation function is available for expired claims.

Trigger date for expiration countdown Claim creation date Consent date Consent date Rejected date Dispute submit date Max possible days
Engagement type Max days to get consent Max days to take first submit action Max days to complete review of submitted claim Max days to submit dispute Max days to resolve dispute Max possible days
Workshops 30 90 120 30 30 210
Small AMMP Projects 30 120 150 30 30 240
Medium AMMP Projects 30 200 230 30 30 320
Large AMMP Projects 30 260 290 30 30 380

Cancelling a claim

If you decide you don't want to proceed with a claim, you can cancel it at any point prior to initial submittal. To cancel the claim, open the claim up, scroll to the bottom and select the “Cancel” button.

Disputing a rejected claim

If your claim is rejected, you'll have 30 days to submit a dispute, as follows:

  1. Open the claim and select Dispute.
  2. Review claim comments.
  3. Update your POE documentation to resolve all issues identified during original review. 
  4. Provide any other dispute justification via claim comment as needed.
  5. Select Submit to ensure your disputed claim is resubmitted to the review process.

If your dispute isn't submitted for review within 30 days of original claim rejection, your claim will expire.

Once your dispute is submitted, the expiration timeline will reset to 30 days as a one-time occurrence to allow for review & response. If you're asked to provide further details and again resubmit, the expiration deadline will still be counted as 30 days following your initial post-dispute submit action.

If your dispute resubmittal doesn't adequately resolve the original rejection reasons, your claim will be rejected. Post-dispute rejection is final.

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