ComplexOneToManyRelationshipMetadata ComplexType

Contains the metadata for a one-to-many entity relationship.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
AssociatedMenuConfiguration AssociatedMenuConfiguration

Specifies the associated menu configuration.

CascadeConfiguration CascadeConfiguration

The cascading behaviors for the entity relationship.

DenormalizedAttributeName Edm.String
EntityKey Edm.String
HasChanged Edm.Boolean

Whether the item of metadata has changed.

IntroducedVersion Edm.String

A string identifying the solution version that the solution component was added in.

IsCustomizable BooleanManagedProperty

Whether the entity relationship is customizable.

IsCustomRelationship Edm.Boolean

Whether the relationship is a custom relationship.

IsDenormalizedLookup Edm.Boolean
IsHierarchical Edm.Boolean

Whether this relationship is the designated hierarchical self-referential relationship for this entity.

IsManaged Edm.Boolean

Whether the entity relationship is part of a managed solution.

IsRelationshipAttributeDenormalized Edm.Boolean
IsValidForAdvancedFind Edm.Boolean

Whether the entity relationship should be shown in Advanced Find.

MetadataId Edm.Guid

A unique identifier for the metadata item.

ReferencedAttribute Edm.String

The name of primary attribute for the referenced entity.

ReferencedEntity Edm.String

The name of the referenced entity.

ReferencedEntityNavigationPropertyName Edm.String

The collection-valued navigation property used by this relationship.

ReferencingAttribute Edm.String

The name of the referencing attribute.

ReferencingEntity Edm.String

The name of the referencing entity.

ReferencingEntityNavigationPropertyName Edm.String

The single-valued navigation property used by this relationship.

RelationshipAttributes Collection(RelationshipAttribute)
RelationshipBehavior Edm.Int32

Defines the behavior of a relationship (relational, parental, custom).

RelationshipType RelationshipType

The type of relationship.

SchemaName Edm.String

The schema name for the entity relationship.

SecurityTypes SecurityTypes

The security type for the relationship.

Used by

The following use the ComplexOneToManyRelationshipMetadata ComplexType.

Name How used
ComplexEntityMetadata ManyToOneRelationships Property
ComplexEntityMetadata OneToManyRelationships Property
CreateCustomerRelationships OneToManyRelationships Parameter
CreatePolymorphicLookupAttribute OneToManyRelationships Parameter

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