OrganizationDetail ComplexType

Provides detailed information on an organization.


The properties of a complex type contain the structured data of the type.

Name Type Details
DatacenterId Edm.Guid

The ID of the data center.

Endpoints EndpointCollection

Collection that identifies the service type and address for each endpoint of the organization.

EnvironmentId Edm.String

The ID of the environment.

FriendlyName Edm.String

The friendly name of the organization.

Geo Edm.String

A value that represents the geographic region the tenant is found in.

OrganizationId Edm.Guid

The global unique identifier of the organization.

OrganizationType OrganizationType

Indicates the type of the organization.

OrganizationVersion Edm.String

The version of the organization.

SchemaType Edm.String

Indicates the base schema the environment was provisioned with. See Remarks for details.

State OrganizationState

The state of the organization.

TenantId Edm.String

The ID of the tenant.

UniqueName Edm.String

The unique name of the organization.

UrlName Edm.String

The organization name used in the URL for the organization web service.

Used by

The following use the OrganizationDetail ComplexType.

Name How used
RetrieveCurrentOrganizationResponse Detail Property


Currently, the SchemaType property can contain any of the values in the following table.

SchemaType Value Description
Core The Team environment type base image and has very limited features in Dataverse.
Standard The CDS environment type or the non-dynamics enabled environment type. This includes all of the feature of Core, common tables, and the full features of the Dataverse API and extensibility system.
Full The Dynamics environment type, which contains all the features of Standard and has the core Dynamics tables to support sales, service, and marketing.
Uno The integrated Finance and Operations application environment this contains all the features of Full and has the Finance and Operations Application Infrastructure available.
Environments created before the schema system that have not yet been updated with their source schema type will have no value.

Don't consider this list to be complete. We might add more schema type values as needed.

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