OrganizationType EnumType

Indicates the type of the organization.


Members define the discrete options for the enumeration type.

Name Value Description
Customer 0 Primary organization.
Monitoring 1 Organization created only for internal monitoring purposes.
Support 2 Support organization.
BackEnd 3 Organization created by backend provisioning command directly.
Secondary 4 Production instances.
CustomerTest 5 Sandbox instances.
CustomerFreeTest 6 Sandbox instances that do not consume the sandbox instances.
CustomerPreview 7 Organization provided as part of a release preview program.
Placeholder 8 Organizations provisioned but not assigned to any customer yet.
TestDrive 9 Organization provided to customers for trial purposes.
MsftInvestigation 10 Support Instance
EmailTrial 11 Organization signed up with a tenant.
Default 12 Default organization.
Developer 13 Organization to support PowerPlatform developer scenarios.
Trial 14 Trial organization linked to customer tenant.
Teams 15 Team organization type.
Platform 16 For internal use only.

Used by

The following use the OrganizationType EnumType.

Name How used
OrganizationDetail OrganizationType Property
OrganizationInfo InstanceType Property

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