Limitations of controls in canvas apps

In this article, learn about the general limitations of the controls used in canvas apps. In addition, limitations of controls in Teams lists the control limitations applicable to apps played inside Microsoft Teams. For more information about environments, go to Types of environments.

Limitations of controls in Teams

This section lists limitations of canvas apps controls for apps within Microsoft Teams.

General limitations

Apps made with Power Apps in a Dataverse for Teams environment can't be opened outside of Teams. To use controls like Camera, upgrade your Power Apps license so that the app can be opened outside of Teams—for example—in the Power Apps mobile app.

Limitations of specific controls

  • Barcode control - the barcode scanner control isn't supported in Teams Mobile.

  • Camera control - the Camera control isn't supported in Teams Mobile. If you're creating a Power Apps app for use inside Teams, use the Add picture control instead.

  • Microphone control - the following conditions apply when using the Microphone control in apps created using Power Apps on Teams Mobile:

    • The audio format for microphone recordings in Teams will always be AAC with a file extension of .MP4.
    • Teams has its own recording experience. The microphone control inside apps created using Power Apps will be disabled during the recording period.
    • Microphone recordings are limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

Unsupported controls

The following controls aren't supported by apps embedded in Teams:

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