Add mixed reality controls to your canvas app

Add mixed reality (MR) controls to your canvas apps to interact with the real world in 3D.

You can use MR controls to:

A screenshot of a phone app with a 3D control under construction in Microsoft Power Apps Studio, alongside a photo that shows the app in use.

You'll find the controls on the Insert pane, under Media and Mixed Reality:

A screenshot of the Insert pane in Microsoft Power Apps Studio.


The MR controls in Power Apps use Babylon and Babylon React Native. Mixed reality content that works in the Babylon sandbox should work in Power Apps through this shared MR platform. If your content works in Babylon but not in Power Apps, ask a question in the Power Apps community forum.

Read more about our integration with Babylon.


The device you use to create an app with MR controls, such as your PC, doesn't need to be MR-capable. Mobile devices that run the app must have specific hardware and software to use MR controls.

Android devices

Android devices need to have Google Play Services for AR (known more commonly as ARCore) installed. ARCore should be installed automatically on MR-capable devices. If necessary, download Google Play Services for AR from the Google Play Store.

For more information about ARCore and devices that support it, see the list of supported devices on the Google ARCore support site.

The experience is a little different for devices in China, which don't ship with the Google Play Store. ARCore must be downloaded from specific app stores in China.

iOS (Apple) devices

iPhones and iPads with specific hardware can run MR apps using the ARKit framework. For more information about MR and iOS devices that support it, see the list of supported devices on the Apple augmented reality website. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the list.)

Mixed reality controls

Start adding the controls to your apps:

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