Customize a card in a canvas app

Perform basic customization (without unlocking a card) by, for example, changing its control. Perform advanced customization by unlocking the card and, for example, adding a control that isn't available for that card by default.

For an overview, see Understand data cards.


Customize a locked card

In this procedure, you'll replace a Text-input control with a Slider control without unlocking the card.

  1. In the app that you generated and customized, select EditForm1 in the left navigation bar, and then select Edit fields on the Properties tab of the right-hand pane.

  2. In the list of fields, select the down arrow for Number of Employees, and then open the list under Control type.

    Drop-down list of options for a number card.

  3. Select Edit Slider.

    The screen reflects your change.

    EditForm1 with slider control.

Unlock and customize a card

In this procedure, you'll unlock a card and update the Max property of the Slider control that you just added.

  1. In EditForm1, select the Slider control in the Number of Employees card.

    Select the slider.

  2. On the Advanced tab of the right-hand pane, select the lock icon to unlock the card.

    Unlock card.

  3. Set the Max property of the Slider control to 10,000.

    Max property on Advanced tab.

    The Slider control shows a more accurate value.

    Slider range: 0-10,000.

Next steps

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to generate an app and customize a gallery, a form, and a card, you can build your own app from scratch.