Create a canvas app with data from Microsoft Dataverse

In Power Apps, create a canvas app based on a list of sample accounts in Dataverse. In this app, you can browse all accounts, show details of a single account, and create, update, or delete an account.

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To follow this quickstart, you must be assigned to the Environment Maker security role, and you must switch to an environment in which a database in Dataverse has been created, contains data, and allows updates. If no such environment exists and you have administrative privileges, you can create an environment that meets this requirement.

Create an app

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.
  2. Depending on how you want to create your app, from the home screen, select one of the following options:
    • To create a single-page gallery app with a responsive layout, choose either:
      • Start with data > Select an existing table.
      • Start with a page design > Gallery connected to table.
    • To create a three screen mobile app, select Start with an app template > From Dataverse.
  3. Select a table, and then select Create app.

Save and design the app

Your app opens in Power Apps Studio where you can design, build, and manage your app. More information: Understand Power Apps Studio

As a best practice, before you make any more changes save your work before you proceed.

  1. On the command bar, select Settings.

  2. Set the app name such as AppGen, change the icon to a checkmark, and the icon background color to a deep red.

  3. Close the setting screen and then select the Save icon on upper-right corner.

Next steps

As a next step, customize the gallery and other elements of the default browse screen to better suit your needs. More information: Customize a gallery in Power Apps