View 3D content in Power Apps

Easily add interactive 3D content to your canvas apps. You can select from a gallery of 3D content then rotate and zoom into the model with simple gestures.

A photo of two phones side by side, both of which show a 3D model of a forklift viewed in two mobile apps.


Your 3D content must be in the .glb, .obj, or .stl file formats. You can convert your existing 3D models into the .glb file format from a variety of 3D formats.


The mixed reality (MR) controls in Power Apps use Babylon and Babylon React Native. Mixed reality content that works in the Babylon sandbox should work in Power Apps through this shared MR platform. If your content works in Babylon but not in Power Apps, ask a question in the Power Apps Community Forum. (Tag it with "mixed reality.")

Add 3D object control to an app screen

With your app open for editing in Power Apps Studio:

  1. Open the Insert tab and expand Media.
  2. Select 3D object to place the control in the app screen, or drag the control to the screen to position it more precisely.

Key properties

Change the 3D content control's behavior and appearance using properties. Some properties are only available on the Advanced tab.

A 3D content control displayed next to the properties tab in Power Apps Studio.

Property Description Type Location
Source Identifies the object file to display. The 3D object control supports loading models from various sources. See Loading external 3D models for details. Not applicable Properties; Advanced: Source
Alternative text Specifies the text to be displayed if the model can't load or if the user hovers over the model. String Properties; Advanced: AltText
Background fill Sets the control's background color. Color picker Properties; Advanced: BackgroundFill (accepts RGBA or HTML hexadecimal color codes)
Pins(Items) Shows pins on the model at specific coordinates, provided in a data source (Items). If None, no pins are shown. Data table Properties; Advanced: Items
Show pins Shows the pins described in Items. Boolean Properties; Advanced: ShowPins
MaxPins Specifies the maximum number of pins that can be shown on the model. Integer Advanced
PinsX Specifies the location of pins on the X axis in 3D coordinate space. Floating point number Advanced
PinsY Specifies the location of pins on the Y axis in 3D coordinate space. Floating point number Advanced
PinsZ Specifies the location of pins on the Z axis in 3D coordinate space. Floating point number Advanced
Show reset button Shows or hides a button that resets the model to its initial state. Boolean Properties; Advanced; ShowReset
OnModelLoad Contains behavior formula that runs when a model is loaded. Event Advanced
OnChange Contains behavior formula that runs when any property of the control is changed. Event Advanced
OnSelect Contains behavior formula that runs when the user selects a pin or the control. Event Advanced

Additional properties

Property Description Type Location
ContentLanguage Determines the display language of the control, if it's different from the language used in the app. String Advanced
DisplayMode Determines whether the control allows user input (Edit), only displays data (View), or is disabled (Disabled). Dropdown list Advanced
Position Places the upper-left corner of the control at the screen coordinates specified in x and y. Floating point number Properties; Advanced: X, Y
Size Determines the size of the control using the pixel values provided in Width and Height. Integer Properties; Advanced: Width, Height
TabIndex Specifies the order the control is selected if the user navigates the app using the Tab key. Integer Advanced
Tooltip Determines the text to display when the user hovers over a pin. String Advanced
Visible Shows or hides the control. Boolean Properties; Advanced: Visible

Performance considerations

We recommend that you use one 3D control on a screen for the best user experience. Multiple instances of the 3D object control on one screen will try to load their 3D models at the same time, which can severely degrade the performance of your app.

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