Create or edit a model-driven app main form for a table

This article describes how to create or edit a main form for a table.

When a new form is created for a table, its form type is Main. When the new form opens, it is identical to the form named Information. Columns, sections, tabs, navigation, and properties associated with the form can be edited and the form can then be saved.

Each main form is composed of one or more tabs. Each tab can have one or more sections. Each section contains one or more columns, also called form fields. Forms can be cloned to provide a simpler starting point for form development. To clone a form, open the form you want to copy in the form editor, on the command bar select the down arrow next to Save, select Save As, enter the name for the new form, and then select Save.


Make sure that you have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role or equivalent permissions within your environment to perform this task.

How to create or edit a main form

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.

  2. Select Tables on the left navigation pane, select the table you want, and then select the Forms area. If the item isn’t in the left navigation pane, select …More and then select the item you want.

  3. To create a new main form, on the toolbar select Add form > Main Form.
    -OR- To edit an existing main form, select any form with the Type of Main.

  4. Change the form design in any of the following ways, as needed:

  5. Edit the properties for parts of the form, as needed:

  6. When finished editing the form, select Save > Save As, enter a name for the form, and then select OK.

  7. When your customizations are complete, these can be published: select Publish.

Next steps

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