Manage your apps in Teams

To manage an app, select Apps from the solution explorer. Then select the app that you want to manage, or select Commands () next to the app name, and then select commands from the drop-down menu.

Select apps.

Edit an app

Select Edit to edit the app in Power Apps Studio. More information: Edit a canvas app in Power Apps and Understanding Power Apps Studio


Use this option if you want to rename an app, or change app icon and description. For detailed steps, go to rename an app or change app icon and description.

Add to Teams

Allows you to download the app, and then upload to Teams. To learn how to add an app to Teams, go to Embed a canvas app in Teams.

Add to Teams.

App details

The Details option shows the owner of the app, when the app was created and last modified, app ID and license designation.

App details.

Restore an app

A canvas app can have multiple versions. You can restore an app to an available published version.

To restore an app to a specific version:

  1. Select Versions from the app details screen.

    App versions.

  2. Select a version other than Live that you want to restore.

  3. Select Ellipsis for versions..

  4. Select Restore.

    Restore a version.


    The restored app becomes the latest version of the app. However, the latest version is not yet live. You must publish the restored version to make the restored version available to all users.

  5. Select Ellipsis to publish restored version. for the restored version.

  6. Select Publish this version.

    Publish restored version.

  7. Review the app preview and select Publish this version to confirm.

    Confirm publish restored version.

The Versions tab now shows the restored version as Live:

Confirm restored app.

More information: Restore an app

Delete an app

Select Delete to delete an app. When prompted, select Delete from cloud to delete the app.

Delete app.

For more information about deleting an app, go to Delete an app.

Rename an app

To rename an app:

  1. Edit the app in Power Apps Studio.

  2. Select the app name from the top-right.

  3. Update the name.

    Rename an app.

  4. Select Save.

More information: Edit app editor

Change app icon and description

To change the app icon and description:

  1. Edit the app in Power Apps Studio.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Update the icon and description.

    Change app icon and description.

  4. Select Save.

More information: Change app settings

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