Sign up and sign in for Power Automate

Starting with Power Automate, as an individual, is easy! Before you can create a cloud flow, sign up by using any email address. If you've never used an online Microsoft product with that address, you'll need to take a few moments to register it.

Sign up free

If you haven't used other online Microsoft products, you'll need to sign up.

  1. In Power Automate, select Try free in the upper-right corner.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Select the right arrow.

Sign in

If you've used other Microsoft online products, either for work or yourself, all you need to do is sign in.

  1. In Power Automate, select Sign in in the upper-right corner.

  2. On the sign-in page, enter your email address and password.

  3. After you've signed in, you'll see a product consent dialog that asks you to consent to the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement, and asks you to sign up for marketing and promotional emails from Power Automate. If you agree to the terms and conditions, you'll be able to start using Power Automate.

Use paid features

Anyone can sign up and get a free plan for Power Automate. If your organization has purchased Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365, you may already have access to Power Automate. You can also start a 90 day free trial, or purchase a Power Automate license if you want to use the paid features. Learn more about billing.

For administration information, go to Flows in your organization Q&A.


In many cases, you can register for Power Automate by following the simple process described previously in this topic. However, this table summarizes the most common reasons why you might not be able to sign up, and describes available workarounds.

Symptom / error message Cause and workaround
No Microsoft account created yet
You receive a message after entering your email during signup:

That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.
You signed up with an email that doesn't yet have a Microsoft account created for it. Select the Sign up now link on that page and you'll be able to create a new Microsoft account for your email. You can use your existing email to create a Microsoft account.
.gov or .mil email addresses
You receive a message like the following during signup:

Power Automate unavailable: Power Automate is not available for users with .gov or .mil email addresses at this time. Use another work email address or check back later.
You cannot currently sign up for Power Automate with a .gov or .mil address. Instead, you can sign in with any Microsoft Account email address such as a address.
Self-service signup disabled

You receive a message like the following during signup:
We can't finish signing you up. Your IT department has turned off signup for Power Automate. Contact them to complete signup.
We can't finish signing you up. It looks like Microsoft Power Automate isn't currently available for your work or school.
You have selected Sign up instead of of Sign in. If you select Sign in in the top of the home page you will be able to access Power Automate.
Email address is not an Office 365 ID

You receive a message like the following during signup:
We can't find you at Do you use a different ID at work or school? Try signing in with that, and if it doesn't work, contact your IT department.
Your organization uses IDs to sign in to Office 365 and other Microsoft services, and those IDs differ from your email address. For example, your email address might be, but your ID might be To complete signup, use the ID that your organization has assigned to you for signing in to Office 365 or other Microsoft services.

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