Introduction: Planning a Power Automate project

You can use Power Automate to automate your manual and repetitive processes so that you can focus on higher-value tasks. It's a unique service that you can use to unify cloud services, desktop applications, and legacy systems.

Do you have a process or task that you want to automate, but aren't quite sure how? This documentation can help you plan and design an automation project, whether you're a business user, an IT pro, or a professional app developer who has never worked on an automation project before.

In these articles, you'll learn about automating your business processes with Power Automate. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Plan: Identify the who, what, when, and why.

  2. Design: Design your new automated process "on paper," and consider various methods of automation.

  3. Make: Create the Power Automate flows.

  4. Test: Try out the automation you created.

  5. Deploy and refine: Start using the automation in production, identify processes that can be refined, and decide what to change or add.