Overview of task mining in process advisor

With task mining in process advisor, you can quickly capture detailed steps for each process in your organization to help you better understand places to streamline workflows. You can do this on your own or invite colleagues to contribute and collaborate to flows. To learn more about flows, go to Overview of the types of flows in Power Automate.

Business example

For example, in a healthcare facility, you can use task mining to record patient check-in procedures. Process advisor automatically produces a process map that visualizes the check-in process. You can see which activities take the longest, how many variations of the check-in process there are, and what variations and actions take the most time.

Application analytics and analytics dashboards show you which applications teams spend the most time in, and the best activities to optimize. You're then guided to create cloud flows with automation recommendations that reveal which connectors to use based on your workflows.

With insights and guided recommendations from process advisor, you're ready to begin automating and reclaim the time you need for what matters most.

Steps to task mining