Troubleshoot issues sharing dashboards and reports

Here are some common issues that might come up when you share a dashboard or report, or when someone else shares with you.

Dashboard recipients see a lock icon in a tile

The people you share with might see a locked tile in a dashboard, or a "Permission required" message when they try to view a report.

Screenshot that shows the Power BI locked tile.

If so, you need to grant them permission to the underlying dataset.

  1. Go to the All or the Datasets + dataflows tab in your content list.

  2. Select More options (...) next to a dataset, then choose Manage permissions.

    Screenshot that shows where to select More options and then choose Manage permissions.

  3. Select Add user.

    Screenshot that shows where to select Add user.

  4. Enter the full email addresses for individuals, distribution groups, or security groups that you want to add. You can't share dashboards or reports with dynamic distribution lists. Decide if the users can share this dataset or build content with the data associated with this dataset, and if you want to send an email notification.

    Screenshot that shows where to add the email addresses and to grant access privileges.

  5. Select Grant access.

I can't share a dashboard or report

To share a dashboard or report, you need permission to reshare the underlying content; that is, any related reports and datasets. If you see a message saying you can't share, ask the report author to give you reshare permission for those reports and datasets.

Screenshot that shows the message that indicates you can't share the underlying content.

I don't have access to a dashboard or report

If you see a "Request access" message when you select the link to a report or dashboard, you don't have permission to view it. You need to request access to it.

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