Change settings for Power BI reports

APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service

With the report settings in Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service, you can control how report readers interact with your report. For example, you can allow them to save filters for the report, personalize the visuals in the report, or display the report pages as tabs across the bottom of the report instead of along the side.

Screenshot of the report Settings pane in the Power BI service.

It might be helpful to first read:

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Open the Settings pane

  1. Select File > Options and settings > Options.

  2. Under Current file, select Report settings.

    Screenshot of report Settings pane in Power BI Desktop.

The rest of this article calls out some of the specific report settings.

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Set the Pages pane

Currently, you can only change the Pages pane setting in the Power BI service. When you toggle Pages pane on, report readers see the report page tabs along the bottom of the report in Reading view instead of along the side. In Edit view, the report page tabs are already along the bottom of the report.

Screenshot of the Pages pane along the bottom of the report.

Control filters

The report Settings pane has three settings for controlling reader interactions with the filters on your report. The following links go to the Format the filters in Power BI reports article for details on each setting.

Export data

By default, report readers can export summarized or underlying data from visuals in your report. With Export data, you can allow them to export only summarized data or to export no data at all from your report.

Personalize visuals

Allow your readers to change and personalize the visuals in your report. For more information, see Let users personalize visuals in a report.