Create a copy of a dashboard in the Power BI service

APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service

Screenshot of an example Power BI dashboard.

There are many different reasons to make a copy of a dashboard. Maybe you want to make changes and test its performance against the original; or create slightly different versions to distribute by colleague, region, or team. Perhaps a colleague admires your dashboard design and wants to use it for reporting out to their managers. Another reason would be if you have a new database with the same data structure and data types and want to reuse the dashboard you've already created. This can be done but would require work in Power BI Desktop.

Dashboards are created and copied using the Power BI service and can be viewed in Power BI mobile and Power BI Embedded. Dashboards aren't available in Power BI Desktop.

Copy a dashboard

To make a copy of a dashboard, you must be the dashboard creator. Dashboards that have been shared with you as an app can't be duplicated.

  1. Open the dashboard.

  2. Select File > Save a copy.

    Screenshot showing Save a copy in the File menu.

  3. Give the dashboard a name and select Duplicate.

    Screenshot of the Duplicate dashboard dialog.

  4. The new dashboard is saved in the same workspace as the original.

    Screenshot of the workspace showing the original Dashboard and the copy.

  5. Open the new dashboard and edit as needed. Here are some things you might want to do next:

Next steps

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