Arrange columns, metrics, and scorecards

APPLIES TO: Power BI Desktop Power BI service

In some scenarios, you may want to hide a column, or put the columns in a different order. You may also want to reorder the metrics in a scorecard, make one metric a submetric of another, or move or copy the entire scorecard to another workspace. As a scorecard author, you can make these changes, moving metrics and scorecards, deciding the columns that your scorecard consumers see, and the order they're in, to optimize the scorecard for your audience.

Screenshot of the Edit view columns pane.

Reorder the metrics in a scorecard

It's easy to reorder metrics on the scorecard, or make them submetrics.

  • Select a metric and drag it up or down. Indent it slightly to make it a submetric of another metric.

    Screenshot that shows moving a metric, and making it a submetric.

    When you make it a submetric, it takes the color of the metric it's under.

    Screenshot that shows the moved submetric.

Hide or move a column

  1. Open the scorecard in edit mode, and select the arrow icon next to the column you want to hide or move > Column settings.

  2. Select Move right, Move left, or Hide this column.

    Screenshot of Move or Hide columns.

Show a hidden column

  1. Open the scorecard in edit mode, and select the arrow icon next to any column > Column settings.

  2. Select Show/Hide columns.

  3. In Edit view columns, select Reset to default or select the column you want to view.

    Screenshot of moving a column in the Edit view columns pane.

  4. You can also re-order columns in this view by dragging them up or down.

  5. Select Apply.

Move or copy a scorecard

Many organizations have 'template' scorecards that different departments or business groups might want to use as a starting point; Or you might want to develop a ‘test’ scorecard in My workspace to make sure the metrics are working correctly before moving it to the correct workspace when it’s ready to share. You can now do all this using the move or copy scorecard functionality. The copy scorecard capability is also useful in getting started quickly if you want to create a new scorecard by reusing the metric definition from an existing scorecard.

  1. On the File menu, select Move scorecard or Copy scorecard.

    Screenshot of move and copy scorecard options in File menu.

  2. You see a dropdown list of workspaces you have access to. Select the workspace you’d like to move or copy the scorecard to > Continue.

    Screenshot of move scorecard dialog.

    When you copy a scorecard, you have the option to include or exclude check-in history. This makes it easy to reuse the same scorecard for a newer time period (for example, for fiscal year scorecards) so you don't have to do this all over again.

    Screenshot of copy scorecard dialog.

  3. You’ll get a notice when the move or copy operation is complete. It can take a few seconds. Select Open Scorecard to open the scorecard in the selected workspace.

    Screenshot of notice on completion of move and copy scorecard.

Next steps

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