Use the admin center

Power Pages uses the Power Platform admin center to provide administrators with various site configuration capabilities.


You will need to be assigned certain roles to perform administrative tasks. For more information, see Roles required for website administration.

  1. To access the admin center, from the design studio, select the Set up workspace.

  2. In the Site Details section, select Open admin center.

    Navigating to the Power Platform admin center.

  3. The Power Platform admin center opens allows you to configure your site.

    Power Platform admin center.

Alternatively, you can also access your site details directly from the Power Platform admin center.

  1. Go to the Power Platform admin center.

  2. Under Resources, select Power Pages sites.

  3. Select site to which you view details or perform admin actions.

The following capabilities are accessible from the admin center. More information on these features might be linked to the Power Apps documentation.

Site Actions

Select Site Actions to perform the following actions on your site.

Select site actions.

Action More Information
Restart site Restart the site.
Shut down this site Turn off the site.
Delete this site See Delete a portal
Disable custom errors See Disable custom errors
Enable diagnostic logs See Enable diagnostic logging
Enable maintenance mode See Maintenance mode for a portal

Site Actions (...)

Select ... to the left of Site Actions for more site actions.

Selecting additional site actions.

Action More Information
Manage Dynamics 365 Instance See Update the Dynamics 365 instance for your portal
Update Dynamics 365 URL If you updated your environment URL, the Update Dynamics 365 URL action updates your site to point to the updated environment URL.
Metadata translations See Import metadata translation
Install Field Service Extension See Integrate Field Service
Install Project Service Extension See Integrate Project Service Automation

Switch to Classic

Action More Information
Switch to classic Switch to the classic admin center portals admin center. The Power Apps portals admin center is now deprecated and no longer available as of August 2023.

Site Details

Action More Information
See All Opens a side panel displaying all the attributes of the current site.
Edit Edit site details.
A side panel opens allowing you to make the following updates to a site:
  • Change the Site Name.
  • Change the Website Record, which associates the site to the corresponding site metadata stored in Microsoft Dataverse. This action updates the corresponding website bindings record.
  • Selecting the Enable Portal for Early Upgrade allows you to specify that the site can be updated to the latest code. This setting is only recommended for development and testing sites.
  • You call also update the Site URL to a new unique URL using the domain.
Convert to Production See Convert a site
Connect Custom Domain See Add a custom domain name
Application Type Indicates the application status of the site (Trial or Production)
Early Upgrade Indicates if site is enabled for an early upgrade.
Site Visibility Indicates the visibility of the site. See Site Visibility.
Site State Indicates the site's running state.
Application Id The site's application ID.
Org URL The organization URL of the Microsoft Dataverse instance the site is associated with.


For certain attributes, you can view the date of the last modification and the person responsible for the change. These attributes are accompanied by an information icon. Click this icon to see the relevant details. For example, click the info icon next to Site Visibility to display when it was last modified and by whom.


Action More Information
IP Restrictions See Restrict website access by IP address
Custom Certificates See Manage custom certificates
Website Authentication Key See Manage website authentication key
Manage Site Visibility Permissions See Site visibility in Power Pages

Site Health

Action More Information
Site Checker See Run Site Checker

Performance & Protection

Action More Information
Content Delivery Network See Content Delivery Network
Web Application Firewall


Action More Information
Power BI Visualization See Enable Power BI visualization
Power BI Embedded Service See Enable Power BI Embedded service
SharePoint Integration See Manage SharePoint documents

Add yourself as an owner of the Microsoft Entra application

To manage a website that is already provisioned or resubmit provisioning if it failed, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • a global administrator
  • an owner of the Microsoft Entra application connected to your website

To add yourself as an owner of the Microsoft Entra application:

  1. Go to the Power Platform admin center following the steps above.

  2. From the Site Details section, copy the value of the Application Id field.

  3. Go to Microsoft Entra associated with your tenant. More information: Take over an unmanaged directory as administrator in Microsoft Entra ID.

  4. In Microsoft Entra ID, search for the app registration by using the application ID you copied. You might need to switch from My apps to All apps.

  5. Add users or groups as owners of this app registration. More information: Managing access to apps


    This task can be performed either by a global administrator of your organization or the existing owner of this application.

  6. After you add yourself as an owner, reopen the site details page from the Power Platform admin center.

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