Create AI flows in Power Automate


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Business value

Copilot workflows enable much more sophisticated automation of business processes. AI flows can simplify and accelerate the automation process by reducing the need for specifying the exact trigger and action sets to execute. This automation can adapt to changing scenarios and data sources by leveraging the AI runtime's intelligence and reasoning capabilities. It can handle complex and dynamic tasks that involve multiple steps, conditions, loops, branches, and integrations.

Feature details

AI flows are a new type of automation that is authored, tested, and executed through an AI runtime. You specify just the intent of the automation and the AI chooses the correct set of actions in the correct order based on the input, context, and your intent.

You can author AI flows from the Create page or from the My flows page in Power Automate. When you give the system an intent, the AI generates suggested inputs/outputs and static flow values to use in the flow. These are items that the AI suggests. You can choose to accept or reject them and add your own inputs/outputs and flow values. In addition to inputs/outputs and flow values, the system also provides connectors and action that it can use to achieve its intended automation goal. You can again choose to accept, reject, or add your own.