Russia Local Functionality

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are Russian specific features that you can use to track and manage your business. For example, you can use the local functionality features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to calculate VAT due based on Russian VAT rates and regulations.

Getting Started with Russia Local Functionality

Use the following table to learn more about local functionality that is available for Russia.

Topic Description

Account Schedules Overview

Enables you to define information for statutory reports by creating user-defined rows and columns.

Bank and Cash Management

Enables you to manage petty cash and amount differences.

Bank Management

Enables you to create bank directory structures to keep bank reference information in one location, create budget classifications, and print and post required documents.

Fixed Assets

Enables you to manage depreciation and maintenance costs, track the movement of fixed assets, manage the sale or disposal of fixed assets, and generate various reports and statistics.

General Ledger Correspondence

Enables you to create, view, and print account turnover information.

Human Resources

Enables you to print and view information about payments made to and from employees.


Enables you to set up and manage your inventory including item documents, item and inventory acts, and general ledger turnover.

Payables and Receivables

Enables you to manage your payables and receivables reports, prepayments, agreements, and cards.

Statutory Reports

Enables you to import and export data for electronic tax reporting and other documents required by law.

Tax Accounting

Enables you to follow tax accounting principles by setting up tax registers and calculating tax differences.

Tax Reports

Enables you to design tax reports and export them using a Microsoft Excel format.


Enables you to set up, calculate, and pay VAT amounts based on Russian VAT rates and regulations.

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