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April2008April 2008

SQL Server 2008:What's New

The new version of SQL Server offers a host of new features and enhancements that promise to improve performance, increase security, and make life better for database administrators. Here’s an overview of the key changes and what you can expect from SQL Server 2008. Randy Dyess

SQL Server 2008:Security

Security continues to be an area of deliberate improvement for SQL Server. Explore some of the most important security-related changes you’ll find in SQL Server 2008, from encryption and authentication enhancements to Policy-Based Management and the new auditing system that will help with regulatory requirements. Rick Byham

SQL Server 2008:New Data Types

SQL Server 2008 offers seven new built-in data types that let you work with more complex data and simplify the management of structured, semi-structured, and even unstructured data. Get an in-depth look at these new data types and find out how you can use them to improve data management in your infrastructure. Kelly Wilson

SQL Server 2008:Data Warehouse Query Performance

SQL Server 2008 offers more powerful relational data warehousing capabilities. Take a close look at key performancerelated data warehousing features and find out how you can use all this new technology to optimize query performance. S. Agarwal, T. Grabs, and J. Hammer

SQL Server:Minimize Blocking in SQL Server

While locking is essential to support concurrent read and write activities on a database, blocking can adversely affect system performance. Learn how to optimize your SQL Server database to minimize blocking, and see how you can monitor the system to better understand how locking impacts performance. Cherié Warren

Microsoft Office:Integrating Access Databases with SharePoint

Many businesses still rely on Microsoft Access. Fortunately, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 allows you to integrate legacy Access data. Explore how you can use these tools to build new solutions for your organization. Peter Serzo


From the Editor:To Friends, Both Old and New
Joshua Hoffman
Letters:Readers Speak Out
Toolbox:New Products for IT Pros
Greg Steen
SQL Q&A:Grow Databases, Use IFilters, and Connect Remotely
Find out how to grow databases programmatically, learn how to use IFilters, and explore firewall settings that support remote SQL Server connections.Edited by Matthew Graven
Utility Spotlight:Web Capacity Analysis Tool
Web logs and traffic analysis can give you a good idea of the kind of traffic you can expect over time. But how can you determine what your infrastructure can handle? The free Web Capacity Analysis Tool can help you to see how your systems will perform under stress.Greg Steen
The Cable Guy:Troubleshooting NAP Enforcement
Troubleshooting enforcement behaviors in the Network Access Protection platform can be challenging. The Cable Guy explains how NAP health policy evaluation works and how you can troubleshoot the most common issues.Joseph Davies
Windows PowerShell:Sign Here, Please
An overview of signing your scripts for improved security.Don Jones
Hey, Scripting Guy!:The Return of the Database Script
The AllSigned execution policy provides the most secure Windows PowerShell environment. So how do you sign your Windows PowerShell scripts? Don Jones shows you how.The Microsoft Scripting Guys
Security Watch:Where Is My PII?
Before you can effectively protect your Personally Identifiable Information, you must know where it’s stored on your PC. Here's a look at how to write scripts that will locate personal data stored on your computer. You just might be surprised at what these scripts uncover.Frank Simorjay
The Desktop Files:Deploying Windows XP with the WAIK
The Windows Automated Installation Kit was designed primarily for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. But did you know that it can also help you deploy Windows XP and Windows Server 2003? Here's what you need to know to get started.Wes Miller
Field Notes:A MARvellous Initiative
See how the new Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program can help companies deal with confusing software licensing issues when refurbishing old PCs.Neil Fawcett
Windows Confidential:Share and Share Alike
"Are you sure you want to remove this shared file?" Raymond Chen explains why an uninstaller may ask this question when you remove a program.Raymond Chen