Finding and Replacing

The Find and Replace Window lets you search in one or more open files, in various search scopes, so that you can make text substitutions or review your search results in a report format. You can also search without opening a window by using incremental search or the Find/Command Box.

Consider the following information when you search for or replace text and code:

  • The options that are set in the Find and Replace window are global. This means they persist from one search to the next. For example, when you select Match case on the Quick Replace tab of the Find and Replace window, it remains selected for all searches until you reset it.

  • After a Replace All operation, you can only use Undo on files that remain open for editing. To ensure that Undo will be available, select Keep modified files open after Replace All on the Replace in Files tab of the Find and Replace window.

  • Find in Files and Replace in Files operations do not search documents that are open in design views such as Design view in the HTML Designer. Switch to Source view before you try these operations.

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