EscapeChar Property

Specifies the character used to escape special characters.


[ cValue = ] TDC.EscapeChar

Possible Values

cValue Single character string that is used to avoid the meaning of the other special characters specified by the FieldDelim, RowDelim, and TextQualifier properties. If set to a zero-length string "" (the default), there is no escape character.

The property is read/write. The property has no default value.


Having an escape character is useful if you have data that contains the same type of characters that you are using to delimit fields or rows. For example, if the TextQualifier property is set to the quotation mark character to surround input fields, but some of the fields themselves contain quotation marks, you could edit the data file to prefix the embedded quotation marks with the escape character. In this scenario, if TextQualifier is set to " (double-quote) and you set the EscapeChar property to \ (backslash), the following data file will be interpreted correctly.

"This is cool"
"This is \"really\" cool"

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See Also

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