TextQualifier Property

Specifies the optional character that surrounds a field.


[ cValue = ] TDC.TextQualifier

Possible Values

cValue Single character string used to surround fields that can include special characters such as newlines, tabs, or commas. These characters can also be active as field or row delimiters.
Default. Double quote character.

The property is read/write. The property has a default value of ".


Comma-delimited text files and similar text data files usually surround text fields in those files with quotes. For example, a simple phone book text file could be arranged like the following:

Fred Nurks, "42 Worldwide Way, Woy Woy", 555-1212
Brianne Hardy, "Apt 3, 14 Hopalong Crescent, Wogga", 555-2121

Normally the commas in the address text would cause the fields to be read incorrectly, but the surrounding double-quote characters avoid that.

Another common use for TextQualifier is when one of the data fields contains HTML text with lots of separate paragraphs (also known as newline characters).

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See Also

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