Manage review sets in eDiscovery (Premium)

Review sets are a static set of documents where you can analyze, query, view, tag, and export data in a case. For more information about performing these tasks, see:


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Create a review set

Review sets can be created on the Review sets tab by selecting + Add review set.

Add review set.

On the Add review set flyout page, type a name for the review set and then select Save. The new review set is displayed in the list on the Review sets tab.

New review set listed on Review set tab.

There are three different ways to add data to a review set in an eDiscovery (Premium) case.

Three ways to add to a review sets.

  1. Add search results to a review set

  2. Load non-Microsoft 365 data into a review set

  3. Add data to a review set from another review set


You can't delete items from a review set and you can't delete review sets from a case. To delete a review set (and delete the data in it), you have to delete the eDiscovery (Premium) case the review set is located in. For more information, see Close or delete an eDiscovery (Premium) case.