Organizational communications: Guidance, methods, and products

Employee engagement is a significant contributor to workplace satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity at any organization. Across Microsoft 365, there are multiple ways to communicate. Knowing which method (or combinations of methods) to use and when to use them depends on your audience and the communication culture of your organization.

Learn how to keep everyone informed and engaged using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage, Stream, and Viva Connections. Learn more about the powerful strategies and communication tools available that help drive engagement in your organization.

In this solution:

  • Discover applications best suited for your communication goals and audience
  • Get started planning for specific scenarios like Viva Connections, holding a town hall, or distributing organizational news
  • Understand technical and license requirements before getting started
  • Learn how to launch, manage, and maintain corporate communications over time

Overview of setup

Start by learning about Microsoft 365 tools that are designed for your specific scenario. Then, learn how to scope your audience. Finally, get started planning by learning how to create, launch, measure, and maintain a one-time communication or communications over time.

Step 1: Learn about tools and define your audience profile Step 2: Identify one or more scenarios to meet your communication goal Step 3: Plan, build, and launch your communication strategy Step 4: Manage and maintain communication and content over time
Image of a wayfinding sign icon. Image of a thumb tack icon. Image of a checklist icon. Image of a calendar icon.
Review common scenarios & outcomes Select a scenario Gather requirements and content Update permissions and settings as needed
Review Microsoft 365 tools Learn how to get started planning Align with partners Maintain relevant content
Scope your audience Review considerations based on audience preferences Prepare and test environment Maintain performant sites, pages, and lists
Check technical and license requirements Learn how to use and integrate Microsoft 365 apps Determine success metrics & plan the launch Retire content when it’s no longer needed

Step 1: Learn more about communication tools and define your audience profile

Start by getting familiar with common corporate communications scenarios. Next, review Microsoft 365 communication apps to make sure you understand engagement opportunities and analytics options. Then, learn how to define and scope your audience. After following these basic steps, you'll be ready to select the right communication solution that fits your organization's needs.

Step 2: Identify one or more scenarios to meet your communication goal

Once you define your audience profile and scoped the size of your audience, you can choose a corporate communication solution or combination of solutions. Each communication solution covers step-by-step guidance and includes best practices to ensure your success.

Step 3: Plan, build, and launch your communication strategy

Once you select a solution or combination of solutions, you learn how to plan, build, and launch. Each communication solution can be customized and integrated with other communication solutions depending on your goals. Understanding your audience's needs and how they currently use Microsoft 365 apps will heavily influence how you make decisions.

Step 4: Manage and maintain communication and content over time

Some communication solutions are a one-time event while others may have several occurrences over time. Depending on the communication solution, there may be some maintenance requirements and next steps. Learn how to prepare for the long-term success of your communication strategy.

Overview of corporate communication solutions:

Learn how to plan your communication strategy by reviewing common communication scenarios, solutions, and outcomes. Next, review how Microsoft 365 tools and apps can engage and inform the audiences you want to reach. Then determine which communication scenario meets your communication goals and get started planning, launching, and maintaining your communication solution.

This poster illustrates how Relecloud keeps employees informed and engaged across popular communication scenarios. Relecloud uses various Microsoft 365 apps, including a new offering, Viva Connections.

Image of the corporate communication planning poster.

Download the PDF version of this poster or download this poster as a Visio file to make custom edits for your organization.

Icon Scenario Solution details
Image of a check list icon. Plan your strategy Review common communication scenarios
Learn about tools and solutions
Scope your audience and determine your specific scenario

Get started planning your strategy
Image of two people talking icon. Use Viva Connections Create employee experiences that connect your organization
Provide an easy way to catch up on news
Create a branded company app within Microsoft Teams

Set up Viva Connections
Image of a house icon. Get a home site for your intranet Take the first step in getting ready for Viva Connections
Schedule and launch a healthy portal
Set up global navigation in the SharePoint app bar

Get a SharePoint home site
Image of a mega phone icon. Plan and produce a town hall Bring your organization together for a live or prerecorded event
Record, share, and keep the conversation going
Measure engagement and expand reach using news

Plan a town hall
Image of a newspaper icon. Distribute organizational news Share organization news and announcements across your company
Create news site, news posts, and use the News web part
Measure engagement and expand reach using Viva Connections

Distribute organizational news
Image of a networking icon. Leadership connection Create communication channels and networking opportunities
Create engaging experiences in Viva Engage and live events
Expand reach using Viva Connections

Connect your organization with leaders
Image of a location symbol icon. New employee onboarding Create an end-to-end experience to onboard new employees
Create a home base to welcome new employees and share resources
Expand reach using Viva Connections

Onboard new employees
Image of a checked lightbulb symbol icon. Build a learning and training experience Build a scalable learning and training experience
Surface training opportunities to specific audiences
Use tools like Viva Learning to deploy learning experience

Build a learning and training experience

End-user guidance and support

Give end users a head start by helping them use and engage using popular Microsoft 365 communication apps that may be a part of your solution. Consider using existing training playlists in Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to help end users learn more about Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and SharePoint. Or, help train people at your organization who will be managing corporate communications using Microsoft Learn training.

Logo Communication app Guidance
Image of the Microsoft Teams logo. Teams Learn more about teams and channels
Tips for meetings in Teams
Share content in Teams meetings
Use @mention's to get someone's attention
Teams live events Attend a live event in Teams
Participate in a live event Q&A
Use live captions in a live event
Image of the SharePoint logo. SharePoint Get started with SharePoint
Upload, view, and share files
Image of the Viva Engage logo. Viva Engage Introduction to Viva Engage
Join a Viva Engage community
Use reactions in Viva Engage
Use topics and hashtags in Viva Engage
Use Q&A in a Viva Engage community
Pin, report, and close conversations
Viva Engage live events Attend a live event in Viva Engage
Image of the Outlook logo. Outlook Set up email on a mobile device
Use @mention's to get someone's attention
Image of the Microsoft Stream logo. Stream Introduction to Microsoft Stream
Follow channels in Stream
Image of the Microsoft Viva logo. Viva Introduction to Microsoft Viva
Get started with Viva Connections

Key capabilities by product license

Capability or feature Description Licensing
Outlook email and calendar Connect and stay organized with business-class email, calendaring, and contacts all in one place. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
Microsoft Teams meetings, chats, and voice Deliver elevated meeting experiences with sophisticated call functionality and a central hub for meetings, chat, content, and calling. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
SharePoint and Viva Engage Connect and engage across your organization with an intelligent, mobile intranet and enterprise social networking. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
Files and content management in OneDrive Access files from any device, at any time. Engage with intelligent video and create visually striking content in minutes. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
Live events in Viva Engage Product and host a live event for people inside your organization. Keep the conversation going with live and moderated Q&A. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
Live events in Microsoft Teams Host and record public or private live events. Decide how you want event attendees to participate. Microsoft 365 E5
Microsoft 365 E3
Microsoft Viva Bring together organizational news, tools, knowledge, learning, and insights with a full employee experience suite. Learn more

Up next:

Step 1: Learn how to plan for your communication scenario

Step 2: Review Microsoft 365 communication tools and methods

Step 3: Scope audience size and preferences

Step 4: Get started planning for your scenario