How do I resume my lessons through TakeLessons?

Welcome back! Resuming lessons is easy!

The first step is to log in to your online student account.

Purchase Additional Lessons

To resume lessons with a teacher you've worked with previously please purchase more lessons directly from your dashboard. 


Schedule Your Lesson

After you've purchased lessons, you can request to set up a lesson day/time with your teacher directly from your student account. Go to the Schedule tab of your account and click the green Schedule a Lesson button. Select your preferred lesson day/time, as well as your lesson frequency (ie: weekly or every other week). You will be notified via email when your teacher accepts or declines the schedule.


To Sign Up With a New Instructor

If you wish to sign up for lessons with a new instructor go to to find your perfect instructor. If you have credit on hold that needs to be reinstated or have additional questions give us a call at 877-231-8505 and one of our Student Counselors would be happy to assist you.

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