How do I cancel a single lesson?

You can cancel a lesson up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled day & time

Your teacher knows that sometimes you may need to skip a lesson, so in the event that you need to cancel your meeting, be sure to make the change through your account at least 24 hours in advance.

If your lesson is less than 24 hours away,  you won't be able to cancel it through your account, so give your teacher a call ASAP to let them know. Keep in mind, lessons that are canceled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to be marked as Missed when your teacher marks attendance.  Missed lessons cannot be rescheduled or refunded, so be sure to let your teacher know right away if you can't make it!

STEP 1 Go to your Schedule page in your Student Account.

STEP 2 From your list of upcoming lessons, click Cancel Lesson next to the date of the lesson you'd like to cancel.


STEP 3 Write a quick comment about why you're canceling the lesson so your teacher knows what's going on. Once you’ve confirmed the cancellation of your lesson, your teacher will be notified that your lesson has been canceled and will be able to view your comment.  


Remember, teachers are also able to cancel lessons on your schedule if they are unable to teach (e.g. sickness, vacation, etc.). You'll be notified right away if your teacher ever cancels a lesson.

NOTE: In the event that you’d like to reinstate a lesson you previously canceled, please work with your teacher directly to schedule that lesson.  Your teacher can then add the lesson back to your calendar. 

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