What do Attended, Canceled, Missed, Paid and Unpaid mean on my lesson schedule?

Every lesson on your schedule has a unique status. Lesson statuses give you a quick view of what is happening on your schedule and which lessons may require attention. 

  • Unconfirmed: This means you're new and your teacher has not confirmed your lesson schedule yet.  This status is rare and temporary.
  • Unpaid: This lesson is reserved and scheduled for you, but has not yet been paid for with a lesson credit. Teachers will typically not teach a lesson that is unpaid.
  • Paid: This lesson has been confirmed by you and your instructor and has been paid for with a lesson credit.
  • Attended: You attended this lesson and paid for it with a lesson credit. Nice work!
  • Canceled: This lesson has been canceled and will not take place. Canceled lessons remain on the schedule so that everyone is aware the lesson has been canceled. Any paid lesson credit for this lesson has been rolled forward to a future scheduled lesson.
  • Missed: A lesson is marked missed if you were unable to make it to your lesson and the lesson was not canceled or rescheduled. Missed lessons are not eligible for rescheduling and one of your lesson credits has been used for this lesson. Be sure to give your instructor 24 hours’ advanced notice for a lesson you won't be attending so you don't miss another lesson.


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