Are there any fees associated with your service?


No monthly subscription costs

There are no monthly subscriptions costs for posting your profile on TakeLessons and getting started is 100% free. The only service fee we charge is when we deliver a paid student to you who is signed up and ready to take lessons.

Once we place a student with you and you start teaching, we will automatically deduct our service fee from your earnings and remit the balance to you each week (happy payday!). Our fee decreases over time so the more lessons you teach a student, the more you'll earn for teaching that student (up to 90% of the student's lesson price).

For every new student you receive, you'll receive 80% of your lesson rate for the first 10 lessons. After your student's 11th lesson, you'll continually earn 90% of their lesson price.

This rewards awesome teachers who inspire students to keep learning! We're really excited to help you increase your earnings. 


Since you're always in control of what you charge for your lessons, you're also always in control of what you'll be taking home. You can edit your prices at any time through your account.

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Background Checks

As of January 1st, 2022, TakeLessons requires all new contractors to have a background check. The listing of your services on any TakeLessons property, or an offer of an independent contractor engagement with TakeLessons, is contingent upon your successful completion of a background investigation. The background investigation must be done at your expense by a vendor-approved by TakeLessons and in accordance with its standards

Control how much you earn with custom pricing

Since you are in control of how much you charge per lesson, you are effectively in control of what you'd like to earn per lesson, so keep that in mind when you're setting or adjusting your student lesson prices for TakeLessons.

How do I set or adjust my prices?

Setting your lesson prices is simple, learn how to make changes here.

How much should I charge for lessons?

Check out our tips here. You'll want to be competitive but also make sure you'll take home the earnings you want.

Do you charge a service fee for the private clients I upload to my TakeLessons account? 

No, we do not charge a service fee for, since they don't pay for lessons through TakeLessons. Your private clients can continue paying you privately (not through TakeLessons) and still enjoy the benefits of an awesome online account for scheduling, communication, and more.  Your private clients are most likely used to how you've been handling payment, so keep it up--just remind them that they can use their free online account to track their lessons and progress now that you're using TakeLessons. 

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Why should I get a background check?

Do I need to pay for my own background check?