How do I handle lesson requests from students (iPad / iPhone)?

Manage lesson requests in the iOS App!

Easily access your lesson requests and accept or decline by downloading the app from iTunes. You will need an iPhone or iPad running iOS v9.0 or later. (Not sure? See: What version of iOS do I have?)

(Can’t find the app on your iPad? Adjust your App Store filters to include apps built for iPhone when searching for “TakeLessons.”)

  1. When a student requests a lesson, you will receive a notification on the Dashboard tab of the app.

How_to_respond_to_lesson_requests_iOS 1.png

  1. If you are able to accept the requested day and time, tap Accept. If you not able to accommodate the requested day and time, tap Decline.

How_to_respond_to_lesson_requests_iOS 2.png

An email update will be sent to the student confirming either decision you make. If you are declining a lesson, please reach out to your student directly to coordinate an alternate timeslot.

Extra lessons in student billing

If a student is on a recurring schedule and wishes to have additional lessons on top of their regular timeslot(s), they must pay for additional credits to cover the additional classes. Their monthly bill only includes the lessons that are on the schedule before bill has been paid.

If they do not purchase additional credits to cover their extra lessons, their bill cycle may become off track and result in unpaid lessons.

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