What should I do if my student needs to stop taking lessons?

Find out whether they’re just taking a break.

Some students pause their lessons and intend to resume after a break. Other students may want to stop taking lessons entirely. When you learn your student wants to stop taking lessons, chat with them about whether they plan to resume their lessons later.

If your student is just taking a break...  

If a student is taking a temporary break, keep them on your roster, but remove their future scheduled lessons from the calendar.

  • Your student won’t be billed while they are away
  • Their time slot will be open for another student
  • Any remaining unused credits will be held on their account, to schedule when they are ready to start lessons again.

 Cancel future scheduled lessons

  1. To cancel lessons from your computer, Log in to your teacher account at TakeLessons.com, and open your Calendar tab.


  1. Scroll to the date that your student’s break will begin. Click on the first lesson that should be canceled.

(Having trouble finding your student’s lessons? See: Where can I see all the lessons my student has taken or has scheduled?)


  1. Click the gear icon (top-right).


  1. Click Cancel Lesson.


  1. Click This and all following lessons to remove all lessons in this timeslot.

(If your student has more than one recurring schedule, you will have to repeat this process for each one. See: What is a Recurring Schedule?)


If your student wants to stop lessons entirely...

If your student would like to discontinue lessons and does not plan to resume at a future date, remove them from your roster and notify TakeLessons to follow up regarding any remaining unused lesson credits.

Remove the student from your roster

  1.  Log in to your TakeLessons teacher account and open your Roster page.


  1. Find your student in your Roster list.

(Can’t find your student? Select All, or use the Search feature.)


  1. Click your student’s name to open their Student Details page.


  1. In your student’s Details page, click Settings.


  1. Click Remove Student


Explain why the student is being removed 

  1. From the drop-down menu, select your reason for deleting the student.

If the student has remaining unused lesson credits, check Notify TakeLessons to follow up with the student, and type a brief note in the text box. One of our support representatives will reach out to the student to go over the options for their unused credits.


  1. Click Confirm.


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