ASP.NET Documentation Now on

This post was written by Jeff Sandquist, General Manager in the Cloud + Enterprise Division.

We are happy to announce ASP.NET documentation and guidance has been migrated to!

ASP.NET Landing Page

Better Together and Great Features

This brings the ASP.NET documentation together with ASP.NET Core, C#, Entity Framework Core, Azure, Visual Studio, C++, and SQL on Linux. will allow for a consistent experience across documentation sets, in addition to supporting:

  • Community contributions
  • Social sharing
  • Global localization supporting 45 languages
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Side-notes and comments
  • Real-time table of contents filter

ASP.NET documentation is open for contributions in GitHub!

ASP.NET Core docs and now ASP.NET docs are open and available in GitHub where you can contribute to the docs and code samples directly or notify the community (which includes our teams here at Microsoft) of a doc issue.

You can also see what doc projects are under way and get involved to discuss approach, scope, and priority.

Take a look at these current projects and issues lists to discover community group efforts you might be interested in:


.NET Core:

There will be a big focus on the site to continue to update both the content and site features, so stay tuned for more updates!