TechNet Gallery Retirement and Closure

This post was written by Robert Outlaw, Senior Program Manager,


Update: Site removal date (December 2020) added along with plan to archive some of the Gallery's projects to GitHub.

The TechNet Gallery has long where our community shared scripts, utilities, tools, and guides for use with Microsoft products and services. We are thankful for the contributions you've made to empower each other through sharing code and tools in the Gallery over the last fifteen years.

In the last few years, the number of new updates and contributions to the Gallery has fallen. GitHub, tech blogs ,and Q&A sites have changed how we share code and work together in developer communities. The Gallery has a past-but doesn't have a clear future, so we've decided to retire it from service.

We plan to take the TechNet Gallery offline next month (December 2020). Existing links to the TechNet Gallery and Script Center will forward to the Docs Code Samples Browser.

Preserving contributions

We share the concern that the Gallery's removal could wipe away a living history, and some useful code could be lost. We're committing to archiving the PowerShell projects submitted by Microsoft to the Microsoft Archive GitHub organization to prevent this. We plan to do this in the first half of next year.

Through this archive, the code and projects will be searchable and preserved at the state they are in today. Due to licensing and personally identifiable information, we will not be including community contributions in the archive.

Prepare for retirement

As of today, we are placing the TechNet Gallery into read-only mode.

Once the site is offline, all existing links to the TechNet Gallery and Script Center will redirect to the Docs samples browser. If you have links to the Gallery on content you maintain, you should update them. If you are using scripts from a community project or have plans to, you should download and save the content you need.

Guidance for project owners

If you want to continue supporting your submission(s) to the TechNet Gallery, you should migrate those to a GitHub project if it is a tool, script, or utility that has source code available.

If the entry is technical documentation or a guide, you should re-host it on a website, GitHub Gist, or tech blog with an email or social media link.


If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments regarding the content or experiences on, submit them on GitHub or let us know via Twitter.