Microsoft Learn for Educators

Program overview

Microsoft Learn for Educators enables you to bring Microsoft Official Curriculum and the instructor-led training materials into your classroom to build your students’ technical skills for the future.

Eligible educators and faculty members at higher education institutions that offer accredited degree, diploma, certificate, or continuing or further education programs, such as colleges, universities, community colleges, polytechnics, and secondary schools with STEM focused curriculum, can access Microsoft ready-to-teach curriculum and teaching materials aligned to industry-recognized Microsoft Certifications. These certifications augment a student’s existing degree path and validate the skills needed to be successful across a variety of technical careers.


If you are applying on behalf of a secondary school, please describe your STEM focused program and how you plan on implementing the Microsoft courses in your program.

Program options and sign up

Are you a faculty member looking to build your students’ technical skills? Is your department or institution looking to transform its technology curriculum to prepare students for future careers? Look at our options to determine which approach is right for you.

Offering Education institution Individual educator
Microsoft Fundamentals curriculum and teaching materials1
Microsoft Advanced Role-Based curriculum and teaching materials 1
Microsoft Certification practice exam Free Discounted
Microsoft Certification exam voucher Free Discounted
Lab seats Free Discounted
Microsoft Fundamentals Certification practice exam for students1
Microsoft Fundamentals Certification exam voucher for students1
Office hours1
Training program manager1
Curriculum integration support
Microsoft Learn for Educators community1
Data and insights reporting1
Joint PR opportunities with Microsoft PR Tool Kit1
On-demand Virtual Educator Prep Session recordings1
Technical training via Microsoft Virtual Training Days1
Curated tools for teaching

1 free offerings

Program offerings

Microsoft Fundamentals Certification icon

Microsoft Fundamentals Microsoft fundamentals curriculum provides foundational-level knowledge of Microsoft cloud and business application services. They are ideal for students starting or thinking about a career in technology.

Microsoft Associate Certification icon

Microsoft Advanced Role-Based Microsoft Advanced Role-Based curriculum provides associate level knowledge of Microsoft cloud and business application services. They are ideal for students looking to begin learning valuable job role skills.

Microsoft curriculum and teaching materials

Microsoft Learn for Educators provides access to a curriculum of Official Microsoft Learning Products. Each course covers Microsoft Certification exam objectives through lessons based on real-world scenarios and practice exercises. These materials have been designed for instructor-led and blended learning models and can be delivered remotely or in person. They directly align to Microsoft Learn online learning paths, which are collections of training modules, that are delivered wholesale or via the modular components.

  • Online training: Self-paced online learning paths and modules via Learn
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum: Full course, module content (including lab components where available), and trainer guide
  • Course datasheet: Course overview, outline, and learning objectives
  • Educator teaching guide: General course information to prepare for teaching delivery
  • Assessment guide: Guidance on how to develop formative and summative assessments for students

Microsoft Certification practice exam

Practice is a key part of preparation. To support you, all educators who are verified and accepted into the program will receive a discounted practice exam (discount varies by program option). This non-transferable practice exam is designed to support you in testing your knowledge of the certification content prior to sitting for the exam.

Microsoft Certification exam voucher

To prepare you for delivering cutting-edge technical instruction in your classes, we suggest that all faculty members get certified in the content they will be teaching. As one of the benefits of this program, all educators will receive a discounted Microsoft Certification exam voucher (discount varies by program option). Use this voucher to take the certification exam associated with the course you will teach. These vouchers are non-transferable and can be redeemed through any Certiport or PearsonVue testing center.

Lab Seats

Lab seats provide you with the ability to provision Azure-based labs to your students for enabling their hands-on experience and skills validation. Through this MSLE program benefit we provide you with free/discounted lab seats, as an opportunity to incorporate learning experiences above and beyond those found in the Microsoft Learn sandbox.


This offer is subject to change in the future with or without prior notice

Office hours

By taking advantage of our Microsoft Learn for Educators office hours, you will have an opportunity to talk with our Microsoft Learn for Educators program team. Office hours are an opportunity for you to gain answers to questions about the program, seek advice, and learn about additional tools and opportunities to help you and your students be successful.

Training program manager

Once your school has joined the Microsoft Learn for Educators program, your institution may be assigned a training program manager. Your training program manager acts as your go-to contact to support you in your participation in the Microsoft Learn for Educators program. From your onboarding session through to teaching your first course, your training program manager will support your progress to ensure your success and your students' success in building new technical skills for the future.

Curriculum integration support

Our program provides you with materials to help you integrate Microsoft curriculum into your courses. Whether you are going to incorporate the curriculum as part of an existing academic program, into a cloud computing, business, informatics, or agriculture course, or as a brand new, standalone course in your program, we have the materials to guide you.

A learning path is available for curriculum integration support. It provides you with guidance on different approaches for implementing certification at the course and program level and the benefits it offers students.

Microsoft Learn for Educators community

Keep learning! Engage and collaborate with an exclusive, global community of educators. As part of the program, you will gain access to a Microsoft Teams-based online network of fellow educators and Microsoft team members. This is your opportunity to keep learning, to share, connect, discover best practices, and find support to make a huge impact in your classes. In the Microsoft Learn for Educators Teams community, we also share announcements, details about exclusive events, and other training opportunities to help you develop your technical acumen and new techniques for bringing technical training to life.


Please note that access to the community requires you to opt in to the Microsoft Teams Educator community during sign-up.

Data and insights reporting

With an eye towards continuous learning and improvement, this program will help you to understand your students’ knowledge of in-demand, industry technical skills and concepts, and understand how their experiences with the Microsoft technology curriculum through your institution transforms their knowledge and skill level. In order to take advantage of this, as a part of the Educational Institution option, faculty members, the program advisor, and students will need to complete pre- and post-instruction surveys.

PR Toolkit

The PR Guidelines and Marketing Toolkit are easy-to-use tools for creating and distributing content for press, whether at the beginning or end of your journey with Microsoft Learn for Educators.


Also if you are an Educator, visit the Microsoft Educator Center for free training and resources to enhance your use of technology in the classroom.