Check for understanding with Forms in Teams


Assessing learner knowledge is something educators want to do regularly, but these quick checks sometimes lead to overwhelming stacks of paper. Using embedded Microsoft Forms in a Class Team reduces the paper stack and ensures feedback is both timely and integrated into learning.

The quiz function in embedded forms is a great way to check for understanding. Embedded forms allow educators to create quizzes and add them to a Teams assignment. Any quiz created in Microsoft Forms will be available in Teams. From the Assignments tab in Teams, create a new assignment. Then, select the quiz option to see all the quizzes that have been created in Forms. Personalize the assignment by choosing whether to assign it to a whole class or specific learners. Learners will be able to access and complete them without ever leaving Teams. Grading the quizzes is easy, too! Educators can grade quizzes right in the Assignments tab or in Forms.

Create a short entrance or exit ticket to gauge understanding or assign practice quizzes. Forms can also be used for reading checks or review quizzes. Math features built into Forms allow math and science educators to create assessments quickly. Create a quiz for homework or select specific problems from the previous night's homework to check for understanding. Whatever the subject, Microsoft Forms and Teams streamline formative assessment!

There are many other uses for Microsoft Forms within Teams. 

By adding a Forms tab to Teams, educators will be able to:

  • Create a new Form that everyone on the team can edit,
  • Add an existing survey to collect feedback from team members, or
  • Show the results of a Form. 

Using quick poll, educators can create real-time polls in seconds. To create a poll, start a conversation in the Chats tab with @Forms and type the question. Team members will be able to respond and see the results in real time.

Pro Tip: Stay up to date on responses by adding the Microsoft Forms connector. Under Connectors in the channel settings, select the form(s) to receive a summary of responses each day.