Deploy resources to subscriptions, management groups, and tenants by using Bicep

DevOps Engineer
Azure Resource Manager

Deploy Azure resources at the subscription, management group, and tenant scope. Understand how Azure resources are deployed at different scopes, why this is important, and how to create Bicep code to deploy them. Create a single set of Bicep files that you can deploy across multiple scopes in one operation.

Learning objectives

After completing this module, you'll be able to:

  • Explain resource scopes, including tenant-level, management group-level, and subscription-level resources.
  • Deploy resources at specific scopes by using Bicep templates.
  • Create Bicep files that you can deploy to multiple scopes.


You should be familiar with:

  • Creating and deploying basic Bicep templates.
  • Azure, including the Azure portal, subscriptions, resource groups, and resource definitions.
  • Child and extension resources.

To follow along with the exercises in the module, you'll need: