In this module, you learned about Azure Load Balancer and how you can use Load Balancer to minimize the effect of failures and increase resilience and stability. You used this knowledge to create a resilient healthcare portal that's capable of adapting to meet the application requirements of session affinity. You learned how to group virtual machines behind a load balancer to increase availability. By implementing the load balancer in the healthcare portal scenario, you learned about the differences between an internal and an external load balancer. You also discovered how a load balancer can be configured to provide availability across datacenters by using availability zones.

Clean up

The sandbox automatically cleans up your resources when you're finished with this module.

When you're working in your own subscription, it's a good idea at the end of a project to identify whether you still need the resources you created. Resources that you leave running can cost you money. You can delete resources individually or delete the resource group to delete the entire set of resources.

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