When to use Azure IoT


In this section, we'll discuss how you can decide whether Azure IoT is the right choice for your application.

The decision of how you can use Azure IoT to build your IoT solution is ultimately determined by:

  • Your business requirements
  • The type of solution you want to develop from a cloud standpoint
  • Your organization's skill set in Azure IoT PaaS technologies

A more comprehensive list of considerations includes:

Business process realignment Do you plan to use IoT to realign your organization business processes across Customers, Operations, Products/Assets, and Employees?
Cloud expertise Does your team have minimal cloud expertise?
Offload processing to IoT Edge devices Do you plan to offload processing to edge devices?
Scale Do you have millions of IoT assets to manage?
Modeling physical spaces Do you need to model a physical spaces using sensors?
Time series data Do you have large-scale time-series data?
Secure IoT devices Do you need to manage secure devices?

Applying the decision criteria

Below we present a guidance summary for choosing an IoT approach to solve your business problems.

Guidance summary

The Azure IoT product portfolio presents two paths for creating solutions, i.e. PaaS solutions and SaaS solutions. You also have access to the underlying PaaS technologies to develop a granular solution.

If you have an industry-specific problem within a specific vertical, consider a PAAS solution such as Azure IoT solution accelerators.

If you have fewer device models and predictable scenarios, choose SaaS solutions.

If you want to maintain all aspects of your solution, choose the underlying PaaS technologies such as Azure Sphere, Azure IoT Edge etc.