Let’s consider the scenario of the logistics company for transporting fruit and other perishable. The multiple stakeholders involved (growers, retailers, transport operators, and customers) all want to ensure the quality of the produce in real time.

In this scenario, Azure IoT can help in building a secure solution for all the stakeholders. The solution provisions, connects, monitors, and controls all your IoT assets end-to-end through the cloud. Without the Azure IoT solution provisioned through the cloud, the stakeholders wouldn't be able to ensure the quality of the produce in real time.

The Azure IoT solution provides business value by keeping track of temperature, humidity etc. during the transportation process. The solution extends beyond telemetry by providing analytics and edge solutions to provide real-time status for the stakeholders.

As a logistics company serving multiple stakeholders (growers, retailers, end customers), the deployment of IoT allows you to apply engineering principles to the entire process. IoT functions as a data capture mechanism (for example, individual sensors in trucks) which leads to understanding the end-to-end process. Once understood, the process can be modeled and improved by the deployment of analytics. Through the sensor data, we can understand the safety of the fruit (for example ensuring that the produce remains safe to consume).

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