Write multi-table queries by using Kusto Query Language

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Write advanced queries in Kusto Query Language to gain deeper insights by combining data from several tables. Learn how to use the table-level operators lookup, join, union, and materialize, and the new aggregation functions arg_min and arg_max. Also, learn how to communicate these results visually in charts.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you're able to:

  • Use Kusto Query Language to combine and retrieve data from two or more tables by using the lookup, join, and union operators.
  • Optimize multi-table queries by using the materialize operator to cache table data.
  • Enrich your insights by using the new aggregation functions arg_min and arg_max.


  • A Microsoft account, a Microsoft Entra user identity to create a free cluster, or an Azure account
  • Familiarity with database structures such as tables, columns, and rows
  • Familiarity with Kusto Query Language operators such as project, where, sort, summarize, and let