Plan for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub

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Microsoft Teams Phone

"Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hubs are a great way to collaborate with your coworkers in and outside your organization. It lets you join scheduled meetings in a comfortable way without logging in into to compute unit of the room device. To get started with Microsoft Teams Rooms, you need to understand the differences and potential use cases of the different Teams Room devices, the way how these devices are technically managed, which licenses are needed and what it important for a user-friendly physical room installation."


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Learning objectives

Upon completion of this module, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the main differences of Microsoft Teams Room for Android and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Windows
  • Explain which accessories, components and peripherals are mandatory
  • Understand the advantage of Surface Hub
  • Understand the difference between the licensing options
  • Plan and review a physical room layout


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Teams
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Entra ID
  • Basic understanding if Microsoft Intune