You're an Azure subscription owner or billing admin in the Contoso organization. Your team has used Azure for several years and has consistent base VM usage. Currently, you pay for the VMs on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis, but you want to lower the overall yearly cost of the environment to free up funds for other development work.

You can cut costs by optimizing the resources that you use and by buying reserved instances to save money over your pay-as-you-go costs. You want to understand how purchases can help you save money, determine what to buy, and how to make a purchase in the Azure portal. After you've made your purchase, you also want to know how to manage that purchase on an ongoing basis to further optimize your costs. You also need to provide status and reporting on the savings that Contoso receives to your CEO and the finance team. Reporting justifies the purchase as funds are reallocated to new development work.

In this module, you've learned to plan for, buy, and manage Azure reservations to replace more expensive pay-as-you-go VMs with less expensive reservations.

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