Set up Master Planning in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

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Business User
Dynamics 365
Supply Chain Management


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In every industry, whether it's retail, manufacturing, distribution, services, or public sector entities, the ability to effectively anticipate and manage demand and supply for goods and services is crucial for both short-term and long-term operations. Familiarize yourself with the Master Planning feature within Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to simplify your planning process. When you use predefined criteria, this tool enables you to efficiently strategize your procurement, transfers, and manufacturing requirements for materials.

Learning objectives

In this module, you learn how to:

  • Set up master planning.
  • Use the Supply schedule page.
  • Set up demand and supply forecasts.
  • Set up calculated delays.
  • Set up intercompany master planning.
  • Run plans and firm planned orders.


  • General knowledge of supply chain management
  • General knowledge of inventory procedures
  • Knowledge of procure-to-pay procedures
  • Knowledge of order-to-cash procedures
  • Ability to use Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management for basic processing