Migrate data and go live with finance and operations apps

Functional Consultant
Solution Architect
Dynamics 365

As a functional consultant, you must understand how to prepare your customer's data for migration, work with data management, and perform user acceptance testing to go live with finance and operations apps.


  • Basic understanding of finance and operations apps, including core concepts and basic application navigation skills
  • Basic understanding of adding entities, fields, and relationships in finance and operations apps
  • Understand how to create a legal entity in finance and operations apps

Modules in this learning path

When it is time to migrate data, the more you know, the easier it is to control operational complexity and reduce costs. Your customer's business continuity must be your priority. Learn how to prepare data for migration, by using the data management framework to manage data entities and data entity packages in finance and operations apps.

You can export or import data in finance and operations apps by using the Data management workspace. Validate the data by staging the source data, and then move it to the target tables in the finance and operations apps database.

After all customer requirements have been handled by either configuration, customization, and integration, you need to know how to perform user acceptance testing (UAT) in finance and operations apps to validate the solution. User acceptance testing is an important step in the go-live preparation. You can perform automated tests by using the Regression suite automation tool (RSAT).

All your hard work becomes a success by moving the implemented solution in finance and operations apps to the production environment. You want a happy customer, a quality solution, and peace of mind during this important phase, which is known as go-live. Learn how to prepare to go live with a finance and operations apps project by using Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services.