ClearType Font Collection

ClearType font collection

The ClearType Font Collection is the result of a successful collaboration of both designers and engineers working together with respect, flexibility, and curiosity. ClearType fonts were conceived from the outset as a marriage of technology and the best in design expertise! This improves the appearance of text on certain types of monitors through the use of subpixel rendering technology.

The ClearType Font Collection listed below were first shipped with both Windows Vista and Office 2007 and have been part of Windows ever since.

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Cambria Math:

Cambria Math

  • Cambria Math - .pdf - 2,144KB Download
    • This book focuses on the Cambria Math font implementation for mathematical typesetting, rather than on the math layout engine software, and is intended as an introduction for mathematicians and scientists as users of the font, and for designers and font developers interested in understanding the general principles of Microsoft’s approach to mathematical typesetting and the features of the Cambria Math font.

Type Samples:

Sample Layouts: